Best pet tech trends in 2019

Stay up to date with the hottest pet tech trends with this short guide to the top 5 best products of 2019 according to

Best pet tech trends in 2019

Stay up to date with the hottest pet tech trends with this short guide to the top 5 best products of 2019 according to

Pet tech is one of the hottest, if not the hottest pet trend in 2019. Pet owners seem to be more than ready to try it, especially when it helps them improve their pet’s wellbeing and security. According to a survey of 1,000 dog and cat owners by the Michelson sound Animals Foundation, they were mostly interested in health tracking for their pets, more precisely nutrition apps, vet telemedicine and fitness trackers. Microchips and pet-tracking devices take the second place, with most owners interested in buying pet monitoring cameras.

The survey also shows that more than 50 % of pet parents say they have special tech just for their pet and around  25 %  admit they spend more on tech for their pets than for themselves. Anything for their furry BFFs! All this points to a bright future for pet tech products, so lets explore the biggest pet tech hits of the moment.

The most popular forms of pet tech are health and nutrition apps, pet monitoring cameras, pet servicing apps, and smart toys. In addition, voice assistants are also being used as reminders to feed their pet, give it medicine or even to keep up with their exercise.

1. Pawscout – smart tag

Technology leads to a greater sense of our pet’s wellbeing and security. Microchips and tracking devices, such as this pet tag that connect you to a smartphone app help you track your pets at all times. In addition to locating your pet, Pawscout allows you to track walks, keep a full digital profile of the pet (including photos, owner contact info, vaccinations, and behavioral or medical issues) and join a whole community of other pet owners that use it. The Community Pet Finder alerts all other Pawscout-using pet owners the your area as soon as your pet goes missing.

For only $19.95 and no monthly fee to use the app is definitely worth the purchase

2. Pet Cube 2

Pet Cube 2 is a camera that makes sure your pet doesn’t get into trouble while you are gone. By connecting remotely on your phone and you can not only talk to them and hear them thanks to the two way audio (facetiming with your pet!), but you can use treats and laser lights to keep them entertained. The new version comes with a new slick design at a price of $180.

3. LavvieBot Purrsong – smart litterbox

LOVE your cat but HATE cleaning the litter box. Lavviebot Purrsong offers an automated solution for your problems. This Wi-Fi connected litter box cleans the cat’s poop and pee by shifting it into a drawer which you can open to dump. It even has built-in filters in to reduce the smell and a possibility of a phone alert when litter is running low and give you a breakdown of your cat’s toilet activity ☺. Lavviebot Purrsong comes at a price of $379 which is pretty fair in our opinion, considering it`s most likely the best solution out there for a waste free litter box.

4. Pet on Wheels – pet carrier

Pet on Wheels is  the first and only hard pet carrier designed for scooter, but also suitable for car use and, very important for Amsterdammers ☺ – adaptable for motorcycle and bicycle using the provided mounting plate. Making sure your favourite fur ball is safe, Pet On Wheels is compliant with highway and traffic codes worldwide.

5. Go Pro Fetch – pet harness for camera

Always wished you could see what your pet sees? Well your prayers are answered! Go pro came up with – Go Pro Fetch a wearable pet harness that straps to your dog and allows you to record video footage through its perspective. It is waterproof too so don`t worry about your dog deciding to have a swim mid walk.