Pet technology can transform the lives of dogs and cats

Without a shred of doubt, pet technology is becoming more and more mainstream in today’s environment. Technology has great potential to revolutionize the lives of dogs and cats just as it has already revolutionized our lives. For example, there is a technology that can contribute positively to the overall health of your pet. There are smart gadgets that you can use to test your pet’s DNA, check on its health, and monitor its behavioral patterns to inform you when it needs to see the vet.

Several studies have shown that the tools of social media have provided animal shelters with new and promising opportunities. Undoubtedly pets are endearing creatures and excellent companions, after all, they are loyal friends. They provide us with the right kind of love and affection and make every day vibrant, full of joy and happiness. Therefore, pet owners want their exuberant pets to live a long, healthy, and cheerful life with them by their side.

Pet technology can help animals:

Social media has great potential to help animals. For example, Facebook can serve as a valuable asset that local shelters can use to promote their pets to people that are looking to own one. Rescue dogs have benefited the most from promotion campaigns on Facebook. This is because shelters can only focus their limited resources and staff to promote the dogs that are the most appealing to potential pet owners, often neglecting dogs that are less likely to be adopted because of their age or health.

Each social media has its advantages

Instagram: an effective tool that can be used to display short stories and quick posts for increased interaction.
Facebook: serves as a portal by delivering pet profiles directly on people’s live feeds.
Linkedin: Linkedin helps in the recruitment of staff members and people who are passionate about taking care of animals. Some groups have also expressed how it has had the positive impact of increasing overall awareness of their organization, ultimately providing more support for their endeavors.
Youtube: videos on the platform can be used as an effective tool to encourage people to adopt a pet. There are instructional videos on how and where one can adopt a pet that needs a home, eventually directing the target audience to the right place.

New applications that can transform the lives of pets in the future:

Firstly, new pet tech applications have the potential of bringing about the collection of valuable data that can improve our understanding of our pets. This allows both pet owners and veterinarians to better cater to their needs.

Pet Healthcare at Home includes:

Pet DNA tests:

This category is expected to expand in the coming future. It is regarded as a popular tool for pet owners who have just recently adopted a pet and would like to know whether their pet is mix or purebred. For example: Basepaws Cat DNA Kit is similar to a human DNA testing kit, but is designed specifically for cats. By discovering which breed the pet belongs to, pet owners can take care of them by uncovering breed tips that can profoundly transform the lives of their pets. In addition to that, more pets are getting tested which will have the positive effect of yielding accurate and reliable data from which valuable information can be extracted.

At-home pet health tests:

Pet owners become more mindful of the well-being of their cats and dogs. They can constantly check the health status of their pet by performing blood tests and urine tests at home. The application can detect common issues and the activity patterns of the pet.

Pet activity trackers:

Pet wearables devices that can track your pet’s activities can alert the owner when it detects abnormal behavioral patterns. This may indicate that the pet needs to visit the vet for a proper check-up.

Smart Pet Beds:

An innovative gadget that when connected to pet tech devices, can cater to your pet’s needs very well. Such products of technology give pet parents peace of mind because they can better cater to the needs of the pet. For example, the bed can be temperature controlled so that your pet can sleep comfortably. It can quickly identify changes in your pet’s behavior and respond to those changes effectively for your pet’s convenience. For example, the bed can cool down when your pet has a particularly active afternoon. 

Pet Tech Convenience: 

Modern life can be very hectic with long working hours, travel, and daily tasks that need to be accomplished in a short period, all of which make caring for pets all the more challenging. This is because pets are social animals that require a lot of attention, love, and affection. As a result, convenience is a vital component of pet technology that has seen many developments in recent years.

Automatic Pet Feeders:

Pets need to be fed in a healthy way. This requires a lot of caring and supervision, after all most pet owners consider pets as part of their family and as a result they should deserve the finest treatment. Your pet will be very pleased to have an automatic pet feeder at their disposal. 

Automatic Litter Boxes:

If you want your pet to be healthy, good hygiene needs to be maintained. Therefore, your pet needs to be cleaned constantly. An automatic litter box offers a solution to this problem. One of the most prominent brands in this category: Litter Robot has found a way to successfully separate waste from clean litter.   

Online Pet Service Booking Services:

You cannot take your dog for a walk in the short period you have during lunch and as a result, you need to hire pet sitters, kennel and pet groomers to do that for you. There are services for example: Wag and Rover, that will help you find reliable pet service providers. 

Pet Communication:

Communicating with your pets is also of prime importance. Pet parents feel much better when they know that their pets are healthy, active, and beaming with joy. Unfortunately pet owners have full-time jobs that they need to attend to and as much as they would like to, they are unable to see their adoring pets for most of the day. This is not an ideal situation for a pet owner. When you use pet cameras, like Pawbo, PetChatz, Furbo, Lovoom, and Petzi, you can unobtrusively observe your pet, which is a more enjoyable experience than a few interactions with your pet on a busy day. The device offers two-way communication, motion sensors, and attached laser toys!


Playing time is vital for the health of your pet just as it is vital for us. There are many different gadgets that your pet can use to have fun. Examples of smart pet toys include Playdot, PupPod, and Pebby dog ball. You know how you always keep your TV on for your pet because it keeps the pet stimulated and entertained? Well there are videos now that are made especially for dogs and cats.


The safety of your pet is a priority. Pet technology products enable you to keep track of your pet’s location at all times. Pet training collars also help the owner communicate with their pet when the pet engages in reckless behavior. The devices use sonic sound, mild shocks, and other ways of letting your pet know that it should not repeat such behavior. This way the pet will understand that it should not engage in such activities for its own wellbeing.