Toilet Issues With Your Dog

Dogs can have toilet problems due to a wide variety of reasons. One of these reasons could be over-excitement in the sense that when they get too excited they can urinate as they are jumping or showing other signs of happiness. Also, dogs can urinate when they feel like they are exposed to some kind of threat. Dogs do this to avoid confrontation. While young puppies might show this behavior more to everyday situations like loud places and unfamiliar environments, dogs that have a history of rough treatment or abusement can also urinate when confronted with daily interactions like someone leaning over or reaching toward them as they might interpret these as a threat. Another reason why dogs urinate is to mark their territory. Each animal has their own way of marking its territory. Some leave their scent, some poop. In the case of dogs, they urinate certain places to warn other animals that the place belongs to them and that they are entering to an occupied area. I know it doesn’t really sounds promising but don’t worry, we are here for you! You can find a list of the things that you can do to train your dog’s toilet behavior below.

Tip 1 Set Fixed Schedules

To set fixed schedules to go out with your dog will help it hold its urge at least until the scheduled time each day after practicing for a while and if you are lucky, maybe a little bit more. But this also depends on the age of your dog in the sense that older dogs are able to resist their toilet needs longer than the younger ones, so while making the schedule, you should keep this in mind. Additionally, there are times that your dog is more likely to eliminate. These times can be listed as after eating, after napping, after playing and after sniffing although it is hard to tell an average time for going out for your dog for its toilet needs. So basically, you can make a schedule for your dog’s toilet needs depending on your own schedule and see how it works for some time. We would advice that you should at least try doing this for couple of weeks as each dog might have different time to learn this behavior.

Tip 2 Avoid Punishing

Punishing your dog for some accidents that may occur in the house is definitely a thing to avoid if you want to discourage these kind of behaviors. The reason for that is when you punish your dog for it’s ‘mistake’, s/he is more likely to associate that behavior with human presence in the house rather than being present in the house, meaning that your dog will think that peeing or pooping is bad when there is someone in the house but it is okay when there is no one. Because they will not associate their behavior with being in the house, you getting angry to your dog can backfire in this case, and might even encourage your dog to pee in the house while you are away.

Tip 3 Avoid Punishing

Dogs are more likely to search for the same place that they made their toilet to before. In some sources it is recommended to use newspapers on the floor or pads but the problem with that is your dog might get used to those surfaces and may simply not do it when you go out  to the actual place that you want him or her to pee. The ideal case would be of course taking the dog out to a park but if you are not able to do it all the time, then you can use fake grass at home. This way your dog will get used to make his or her toilet in the grass and s/he will do it on the floor or carpet less often.

Tip 4 Clean Up Dirty Areas Extensively

If your dog peed in the house, then you would want to make sure that there is no scent left behind at all. As we have mentioned earlier, one of the reasons why dogs pee is to mark their territory. The reason why your dog pee in the house may not be to mark their territory. But after them doing it, they are more likely to repeat the same thing as they will think that it is their territory and they are free to make their toilet again because of their left scent. But this can happen only if they can smell their scent. So, make sure that you clean the pee extensively so that you don’t see a little surprise whenever you arrive home 🙂

Tip 5 Reward Your Dog

Rewarding can be used for any behavior that you want to encourage with your dog actually. In this case, after your dog peed or pooped in the place that you wanted, the more you praise him or her, the better it gets. Besides that if you also give a reward like a small piece of sausage or a chicken, next time they would be more prone to do at the same place again.

Tip 6 Get A Vet Check

There might be other problems if your dog keeps urinating in inappropriate places. As well as these problems might occur because of the changes in usual habits such as daily water drinking level as a result of weather change or exercise routines, they can also occur because of health problems. So, if you make sure that methods above doesn’t work, then you can take your dog to see a veterinarian or a local dog trainer.

“Dogs can have toilet problems due to a wide variety of reasons”