Top 3 Secret Benefits of Being a Cat Owner

Our feline friends are one of the most popular pets to own worldwide, whether they are kittens or adult cats. Whilst you enjoy having cats as pets not everybody knows that owning a cat can have benefits to a person’s health and general well-being. Here are 3 useful secrets supported by science.

The cat: a wonderful feline friend welcomed into many family households, ranking as one of the most popular pets to have worldwide. Whilst the preference of having a cat or kitten as a pet is opinion based, being an owner of a cat has health benefits. Supported by science here are three amazing secrets of having a pet cat can do for your health.

1: Cats help lower your risk of heart attacks

According to researchers from the University of Minnesota’s Stroke Institute conducting a study that lasted ten years, having a pet cat can help reduce your risk of heart attack by almost a third. The main link to this statistic is stress.
Stress and anxiety well known to being related to heart attacks and owning pets including cats and dogs can have the effect of reducing stress and anxiety levels however there were not enough dog owners to properly showcase this. When using death as the main outcome to measure it was found that people who have cats for pets had a 30% lower risk of having a heart attack. 
The executive director of the institute Dr Adnan Qureshi said in relation to the links of stress and anxiety to heart attacks:
“For years we have known that psychological stress and anxiety are related to cardiovascular events, particularly heart attacks.”
This lead to his hypothesis that owning a cat can help reduce the risk of heart attacks was indeed plausible but the scale of the link shocked Dr Qureshi. Dr Qureshi said the research: 
“Opens a whole new avenue or intervention that we hadn’t looked at before, one that can be made at the public level. And there appear to be no risks with this approach, unlike drugs or surgery”.

2: Cat purrs help heal your muscles and bones

Studies have also shown that the pleasure noise cats commonly make which is known as ‘the purr’ has beneficial factors is helping repair muscle and bone damage. This study is based on the Hz range of the cat’s purr as the vibrations are given off. Healing via sound is practiced in society as it has been proven to have benefits. It links with the sound waves being converted into electrical signals which travel up the auditory nerve and into the part of the brain that processes sound: the auditory cortex. Once sound reaches the brain, responses are triggered in the body which can alter emotions and release hormones.
The average Hz range for a cat is 20Hz to 140Hz which is within the range that is best to heal bones which is 25Hz to 50Hz. Vibrations of 100Hz are also beneficial to the treatment of soft tissue such as muscles, tendons, and ligaments. The range of 20Hz to 140Hz is known to be medically therapeutic for illnesses as practiced in sound healing sessions and a cat’s purr fits well within the range in the remedying of bones and muscles.

3: Having a cat for a pet reduces stress

One of the many unfortunate feelings we humans face in our daily lives is the ongoing stress of either work, study or general house life. Coping with stress can prove difficult to some people, even leading to people not knowing what to do about the situation they are facing making life harder and ultimately more stressful. If you own a cat however you are in luck as researched.
Factors leading to stress reduction include petting your cat can have a positive outcome in reducing stress levels. By petting a cat, you create an intimate connection with the feline friend triggering responses of relaxation, ultimately reducing stress. Adnan Qureshi who also found links to cat ownership reducing heart attacks said:
“Stroking the pet could cut the level of stress-related hormones in the blood.”
The sound of the purr that helps mend muscles and bones also has a therapeutic effect that can ease the mind. The cat’s purr range of 20Hz to 140Hz is the perfect therapeutic range for sound healing and it also includes benefitting the mental well-being of a person.

And to finish

Pet cats are like a part of the family and the world just wouldn’t be quite as bright without them in an emotional sense. Now with new studies and research showcasing that cat ownership has positive health benefits, it is all the more reason to keep our beloved purring bundles of joy in our lives. We here at Bookingpetz realise how important it is for pets to be well looked after hence we are due to launch the best user-friendly platform for pet pensions.
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