Our feline friends are one of the most popular pets to own worldwide, whether they are kittens or adult cats. Whilst you enjoy having cats as pets not everybody knows that owning a cat can have benefits to a person’s health. Click the title to find out 3 useful secrets supported by science.

September 11, 2019

There are times that a dog owner might think that his or her relationship with the dog is going great but unknowingly this greatness may cause a problem called separation anxiety. Separation anxiety happens when your dog is over-attached to you and distressed, which means that it is more likely that s/he will chew stuff or urinate in the house when s/he is left alone, his or her ownership is changed or there is a change in the routine schedules. Your dog might have this problem also if s/he gets very anxious when you are preparing to leave the home, follows you everywhere you go and greets you with abnormal excitement when you arrive home. But there is nothing to worry if you follow the steps below to fight with separation anxiety!

Dog aggression has been one of the most common problems that dog owners encounter with. In fact, it is the topic that the dog owners seek professional help most. A great majority of your dog’s problems may concern the local community too. As one way or another they affect the neighborhood and the life around it. However, in the case of dog aggression, things might get a little bit more serious. It will affect everyone in the neighborhood negatively, UNLESS necessary steps are taken. Well, there is no need to worry from this point on as we have prepared a list of things to do to train your dog not to behave aggressively. So, let’s take a closer look to the list together!

Owning a dog is one of the best feelings in the world and it has lots of benefits to the owner both emotionally and physically. First of all, your dog becomes one of your closest friends and provides you companionship all the time. After a day of busy work in the office, what else could make you feel better than your dog waiting at home and showering you with all his affection, right? Besides other mental health benefits such as reduced loneliness, low-stress level, and increased socialness, a dog also provides physical benefits like reduced cholesterol level and blood pressure level to the owner. However, not everything might go as nice as it sounds always.

Find out the many benefits of having a pet, from improving mood and self-esteem to teaching your kids prosocial behaviour.It is well known that owning a pet has many benefits on your physical and mental health. On an emotional level though, pet owners were found happier, healthier, and better adjusted than non-owners. Some of the benefits of pet ownership are the following …

An Extensive List of How to Make Your Pet Happy And Healthy

Sometimes your furry friend may have some problems with his or her health. To keep your pet happy and healthy, here are some suggestions!

Royal Canin
​Common illnesses in older cats

Senior cats—those over the age of 10—are unfortunately likely to suffer from several illnesses as they age, and the gradual loss of effectiveness of their bodily functions. 

Lonely Planet
Living in UK ? Brexit will change your way of travel

One of the major consequences of Brexit would be Invalid pet passports for cats, dogs and ferrets, issued in the UK for travel to the EU.

"Brexit", the French European Deputy Cat name's

Nathalie Loiseau, a French European Deputy called her cat “Brexit” because of the way it’s acting every morning.

Are we still dog best friend's

Do know that Social Media are also our dog best friend’s? Here an example with Facebook