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Dogs are not only ‘Man’s Best Friend’ when it comes to having a dog as a pet, they are also loyal companions on the front line. Doing more to care for army dogs, a new padded hood to protect hearing has been invented. Find out more by clicking the link.

Enjoy the company of your pet for bedtime? It turns out that according to a poll, millions let their cats and dogs share their bed during the night. Find out more about the reasons behind this by clicking the link.

Even the best of dog owners could use the odd helpful piece of knowledge. In this article lists 10 things about your dog you should know. Find out these useful facts by clicking the link.

It is typically associated with cats that they the don’t share as strong a bond with humans as dogs, yet studies at Oregon State University suggests otherwise. Read about the strengths of a cat’s bond by clicking the link to the article.

Man’s best friend, ever wondered where they originated from? A study was taken to find out they have one geographic origin. Read more by clicking the link.

A comprehensive survey of cat genes suggests that even after felines wandered into our lives, they remained largely unchanged for thousands of years. Click the link to find out more.

Nov 18, 2019

Our canine friends are very intelligent beings, processing many complex thoughts. With this we wondered if dogs dream, so here is an article that talks more about it. Read by clicking the link.

We know how important our canine friends are to us, even for celebrities like Lorde. She is delaying the release of her new album due to the death of her dog. Read more by clicking the link.

The Denim Dog is an homage to a favorite pair of jeans and the loyalty of a dog. Read all about it here.

A pet is much more than an animal that shares your home. It’s a companion. It’s a friend. It can even be a hero. Find out more with our homewritten article linked below.

California has decided to ban using fur for clothing. This BBC article will explain some of the reasoning behind it and the possible future impacts of the ban.

Ever seen a dog with that sad look on its face? Some scientists argue that there might be an evolutionary reason behind that cute look. Read the article to discover more!

Have you ever dreamed of watching movie with your dog in a cinema while drinking wine? Now, you don’t have to dream of that anymore! Click on the article for more information.

Have you ever wondered which are the emotions your dog can actually feel? Research done by Finnish scientists shows that dogs have all the brain structures that produce emotions in humans and possess the same hormones responsible for feelings of love and affection as we do. Read our original article to find out more about this.

Nathalie Loiseau, a French European Deputy called her cat “Brexit” because of the way it is acting every morning.