Have you ever wondered which are the emotions your dog can actually feel? Research done by Finnish scientists shows that dogs have all the brain structures that produce emotions in humans and possess the same hormones responsible for feelings of love and affection as we do.They also adjust their behaviour according to the emotional situation, have emotional disorders, and even (at least somewhat) exhibit empathy!What emotions can dogs feel ?…

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Living in UK ? Brexit will change your way of travel

One of the major consequences of Brexit would be invalid pet passports for cats, dogs and ferrets, issued in the UK for travel to the EU.

"Brexit", the French European Deputy Cat name's

Nathalie Loiseau, a French European Deputy called her cat “Brexit” because of the way it is acting every morning.

Watching Movie In The Cinema With Your Dog While Drinking Wine. Wait, What?
Have you ever dreamed of watching movie with your dog in a cinema while drinking wine? Now, you don’t have to dream of that anymore! Click on the article for more information.
Dogs might be evolved to manipulate people, scientists say

Ever seen a dog with that sad look on its face? Some scientists argue that there might be an evolutionary reason behind that cute look. Read the article to discover more!