Pet technology is becoming more and more mainstream in today’s environment. Technology has great potential to revolutionize the lives of dogs and cats just as it has already revolutionized our lives. It can improve your pet’s wellbeing and security !

Kickstarter have huge potential for adding new and exciting developments. One such invention is the robotic companion for cats called: ‘Ebo’. Read more about ‘Ebo’ by clicking the link.

New technology developments isn’t always met with great success. The dog-walking app Wag backed by $300 million by SoftBank is now worth less value and now a new CEO has been appointed. Read more by clicking the link.

Technology is continously being applied to help solve many problems the world has. Toronto Cat Rescue is applying a Tinder for foster cats using their technological advancements. Read more about it here.

Technology is continuing to advance and big developments are also coming for pet products. This article showcases 6 smart products that your pet could easily enjoy. Click the link to find out more.

Forgetting about dogs and leaving them in the car  can cause severe problems as a result. At the University of Waterloo, smart technology has been developed to overcome this. Read more about it by clicking the link.

As technology continues to rise, an insight  pet technology could be clear signs of a fourth industrial revolution

As technology keeps getting more involved to our daily life, it also facilitates the way we interact with our pets and make things much easier for us. Read this article to keep up with the latest improvements in pet tech!

Not sure what is meant by pet technology? Don’t worry, this article will explain you what it is, what categories there are, what kind of examples exist and much more!

Do know that Social Media are also our dog best friend’s? Here an exemple with Facebook